Online PhD in General Organization and Management

Online PhD in General Organization and Management

An online PhD in General Organization and Management is design to strengthen your leadership skills to be applied towards a career in fields of government, in business, or in the non-profit sector.

Online PhD in General Organization and Management Requirements

The majority of those entering an accredited online PhD general organization and management program are students and scholars who already possess and demonstrate qualities of leadership wanting to further their education and training.

The best online PhD in general organization and management programs require the applicant to have a master’s degree in a related subject. These subjects may include:

  • General Organization and Management
  • Business leadership
  • Business administration
  • Organizational management
  • Organizational change
  • Organizational psychology
  • Business/management
  • Public administration
  • Project leadership and management

Online PhD in General Organization and Management Education

Most online PhD in General Organization and Management programs last two years of coursework to complete, followed by a year committed the completion of a dissertation.

Information on General Organization and Management Courses

Many of these courses are represented in Capella University’s course requirements, but can also be found at several online schools. Those pursuing an online general organization and management PhD must be prepared to study courses pertaining to management, leadership, and organization.

Some of the classes you’ll have to take include:

  • Managing and Organizing People
    This course focuses on techniques, skills, and methods in approaching leadership duties within a group-setting.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
    This course explores the ethics, morals, and social responsibility that leaders must learn to master.
  • Challenges of Leadership
    This class prepares online PhD degree students to face the good, the bad, and the difficult aspects of leadership that one may encounter within a career.
  • Issues on the Frontier of the Global Economy
    Top PhD programs will prepare you for interaction with the cultural differences you may encounter in organized leadership.

Specializations and Concentrations

Many who pursue an online general organization and management PhD prefer to specialize by focusing on a particular venue of leadership. Some of these concentrations include:

  • Global Leadership
  • Ethics in Leadership
  • Leadership in Higher Education Administration
  • Educational Leadership and Management
  • Ecclesial leadership
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Human resource development

Careers in General Organization and Management

An online PhD in General Organization and Management can present you with numerous opportunities and can be part of your employment appeal. Careers include:

  • Business Professor
    Your PhD allows you to be an ideal candidate for teaching at a university and training others to do what you do.
  • Business Manager or Administrator
    With your training in managing groups and resources, you are perfectly positioned to lead a business or corporate setting.
  • Non-Profit Administrator
    The skills and knowledge you have acquired at your online PhD program qualifies you as an ideal candidate for leading a non-profit organization.
  • Government
    Any large organization requires leadership with organizational skills, and the government is no exception.
  • Director of Program Management in Education
    Online PhD programs in general organization and management are the ideal course of study for those who want to continue their careers in education. Your General Organization and Management skills will be highly sought after by school districts and education departments.

Online doctoral programs in General Organization and Management are suited for those students who want to learn how to be effective leaders in a wide variety of fields. Many more opportunities may become available with a PhD included in your resume.

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