Online PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The online PhD in industrial/organizational psychology is an online doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology, or I/O Psychology, aiming to enhance a student’s research skills and knowledge when examining human functions in the workplace. The significance of organizational development, training, and coaching are all crucial components to any successful business. The study of the online doctorate programs in industrial/organizational psychology utilizes psychology methods to better manage a business. The top online degrees in industrial/organizational psychology situate a student with industry and academic real-world scenarios. A student receiving an accredited online industrial/organizational psychology doctorate while also being employed is at an advantage in the highly competitive job market.

Online PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Requirements

Determination and the ability to scientifically assess a workplace are vital. A high sensitivity to the diversity of cultures and an ability to collect data and analyze that information for extended periods of time are also necessities for those interested in an online doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology. The best online doctoral degrees in industrial/organizational psychology require students to concentrate on the psychological theories as well as the application of those theories in a business. The ability to understand the theories and generate a beneficial report is thoroughly studied in online doctorate degrees in industrial/organizational psychology.

A master degree is normally required for those interested in online PhD degrees in industrial/organizational psychology. A student’s bachelor or master degree should be in one of these areas:

  • Bachelor in Psychology;
  • Master in Psychology;
  • Master in industrial/organizational psychology

Human resource specialists, job analysts, and marketing researchers are potential careers of online PhD industrial/organizational psychology students.

Online PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Education

An online industrial/organizational psychology PhD total completion takes anywhere from 4 to 7 years. Along with taking the necessary credit hours, online doctoral programs in industrial/organizational psychology also require students to conduct their own research, practice in real businesses, write dissertations, consistently score high on exams, and add to the industrial/organizational psychology canon with scholarly dissertations. Online PhD programs in industrial/organizational psychology learn knowledge about psychology, uncovering how the workplace is affected by attitudes, motivation, and behavior.

Information on Industrial/Organizational Psychology Courses

An online PhD in industrial/organizational psychology is based predominantly on real-life scenarios. Psychological workplace research is saturated with scenarios based on real life where research skills are sharpened while students apply psychological assessments in online PhD programs in industrial/organizational psychology.

Courses consistent with many accredited online PhD industrial/organizational psychology courses include:

  • Theories of Teamwork
    Students obtain knowledge on the psychological theories of teamwork and how to utilize the theories to enhance collaboration between all staff at a business.
  • Organizational Development
    This course provides students a background to practice psychological methods to analyze a business and then come up with solutions to enable the organization to alleviate internal issues.
  • Job Analysis
    Research-based methods are improved so students become proficient in performance evaluation, compensation, and training.
  • Advanced Cognitive Research Methods
    This course is a comprehensive analysis of information processing and human cognition.
  • Training
    The development and execution of a training program is studied with students examining practical and theoretical issues. The program is then assessed on the effectiveness of the training implemented.

Specializations and Concentrations

While an online doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology is a precise degree, the specific options available to study are quite varied. Employment opportunities are plentiful. Online doctorate programs in industrial/organizational psychology offer careers in an industry, consulting an assortment of industries, a government position, or in the academic arena to research for a college or university. In many instances, specialization occurs as students begin to independently research while taking courses that correspond to that determined field of study in the top online doctoral programs in industrial/organizational psychology.

A student’s concentration in any top online industrial/organizational psychology doctorate includes these specializations:

  • Consumer psychology
  • Business consultation
  • Academic research
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Human factors
  • Industrial psychology
  • Worker productivity
  • Applied statistics
  • Social psychology
  • Industrial psychology

Careers in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

An online industrial/organizational psychology PhD opens a student to a diverse range of careers. The precise education an industrial/organizational psychology PhD bestows a student is growing. Distinguished research skills and application methods are in demand by both industries and academics to improve their operations. Online doctorate programs in industrial/organizational psychology career opportunities include:

  • Human Practice Manager
    The focus on the workplace and assessing human interactions makes a career as a human practice manager a well-placed position for industrial/organizational psychologists, developing diversity plans, coaching and implementing advancement for the business’ leaders.
  • Professor
    The rigid schedule of research and practicing psychological methods prepares PhD industrial/organizational psychologists to be skillful in educating students on those principles in private laboratories.
  • Research Consultant/Senior Research Consultant
    As a private consultant or as a part of a company, industrial/organizational psychologists develop a business’ organizational components. Also statistical results on focus groups and internal staff projects are assessed with recommendations given on the conclusions.
  • Behavioral Analyst
    A behavioral analyst develops technical reports on the assessment of employee behaviors. Retention and performance findings are included in the reports.
  • Selection Systems Manager
    Responsibilities for a selection systems manager are to execute retention initiatives and selection processes which coincide with an organization’s goals and mission.

A top online PhD in industrial/organizational psychology grants a graduate prestige over other job seekers in a highly competitive job market.