Online PhD in IT Management

An online IT management PhD is an upper level degree program that trains students to become proficient in managing either an IT organization, or managing the IT branch of a corporation or institution. Online doctorate degrees in IT management are offered by many quality schools that excel in technology distance education.

Should I Get an Online IT Management PhD?

If you are interested in pursuing upper level technology management jobs, then an online IT management PhD may be a good choice for you. Online degrees can be accessible to those who do not live near a university or who do not have the time in their schedule to attend a traditional university. A degree in IT management can prepare you to start a new career, or it can give you leverage that might be helpful in acquiring a promotion at your current job. Those who have a PhD can often earn higher wages and get hired easier than those with lower levels of education, so an investment in an online IT management PhD could pay off over time in that regard.

Requirements for a PhD in IT Management

All online PhD degrees in IT management have various requirements that you must meet before you get your degree. Usually, there will be a set number of courses that you must satisfactorily complete before you can graduate. There are two main subsets of courses that are often found in IT management degree programs – first of all, there are many technology courses that focus on increasing technological skills and literacy. On the other hand, there are also courses that train students in business administration, leadership, and team management. All of these skills together help prepare students for upper level careers in IT management jobs.

Types of IT Management Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 73% of workers in IT management related careers have upper level education, which includes those who have achieved their PhD certification. An online PhD in IT management can prepare you for upper level careers in nearly any company. If you are looking for stability and security in your job, there are dozens of upper level companies that have large IT sectors of employees. However, if you are looking for a career where you can have more input into the course of the company, there are plenty of opportunities to work as an IT manager within start up companies.

IT Management Jobs

The jobs that online doctorate degrees in IT management prepare you for have much higher than average salaries. One job opportunity, for example, is that of a chief information officer, or a CIO. Working in an IT management job can involve many different types of work. While some go on to head customer support operations, and others manage the web presence of a company, the options for types of jobs with an online IT management PhD are virtually limitless.

Additional Reading:

The world of IT Management is ever changing and professionals who have been working in the field for some time are beginning to be faced with a glass ceiling. In order to advance in their careers, it is becoming necessary to consider the merits of earning a doctors in IT Management.

The good news for these professionals is that through online PhD colleges and universities, it is much faster and cheaper to complete an advanced degree than ever before. Typically, the admission process is so intense that only a few select candidates are admitted to traditional programs.

With IT Management online PhD programs, the normal admissions requirements are relaxed and worthy students who might otherwise be rejected can begin their journey toward a doctor in IT Management degree. The programs are accredited, meaning that the online PhD in IT Management carries just as much weight as a traditional doctorate.

If you are professional looking to advance your IT Management career, or you want to change to a teaching career at the college level, this is your opportunity to achieve your dreams for the future.

It may seem that an investment of ten years is a daunting thought. The great news about these online programs is that you can complete them faster than you could a regular program for an advanced degree. You complete the work on your schedule. If you are moving faster than a traditional program would, you will finish the coursework faster.

You will work with an adviser to ensure that your work in on schedule and is preparing you to write your dissertation.