Online PhD in Physical Education

Online PhD programs that train students for a career in physical education focuses mainly on sport science and exercises. Such an online PhD physical education will mainly aim at preparing students for a career in college teaching, as well as research in terms of professional programs for preparation in relation to curriculum development, school environments and teacher supervision.

Should I Get an Online Physical Education PhD?

If there are students more passionate about science, they can redirect their attention towards kinesiology classes. There is also exercise science and sports medicine. Graduates of an online doctoral degree in physical education will be able to choose between different career opportunities as people have forgotten means to live healthy and are required professional assistance in order to do that. Coaching is also an opportunity considered by many people because they can train college and high schools teams as well as professional teams.

Requirements for a PhD in Physical Education

Amongst the many areas of research as far as an online physical education PhD is concerned, one can find: exercise science, instruction and curriculum and sport administration (sports administration between colleges and schools, management of sports risk, psychology of sport or sports leadership). Just as most offline PhD programs, online doctorate in physical education will require passing exams and presenting a dissertation paper at the end of studies in order to graduate. A doctoral dissertation degree will prepare students for a career in which they can perform independent research as well as leadership skills. An online doctoral degree in physical education will require 4 years of study in which students have to attend courses related to different areas related to physical education such as Kinesiology, PE Theory and Health, Evaluation and Measurement for PE Programs, CPR Training, First Aid or Teaching Physical Education and Health in Elementary Schools.

Types of Physical Education Careers

When looking to obtain an online PhD in physical education, students will be able to learn different things related to human anatomy as they must know how human bodies will respond to different exercises and it is necessary to understand how the body works and how they can help people keep it healthy and in shape. The main target for an online doctoral degree in physical education is composed of people looking to develop a career as teachers in this field and people looking to become coaches in physical education. Graduates of such a program will also be able to practice different sports which they can later teach to others (team sports, water sports, gymnastics and others).

Physical Education Jobs and Salaries

As far as jobs are concerned, there are numerous career opportunities for PhD graduates. After obtaining online doctorate degrees in physical education, people can focus on jobs with different areas of specialization, such as athletic training, physical therapy and management of sports.

Additional Reading:

Online PhD programs in Physical Education are doctoral programs that prepares students for entering the workforce as Physical Education teachers, Health teachers, and sports coaches. An online Physical Education PhD requires courses in Exercise Science, Sports Management, and General Educator Instruction. The coursework encourages the students to develop curriculum and programs that can be implemented into a real world classroom or gymnasium.

Students who have earned a Doctoral of Physical Education have been employed by school districts, community and state colleges, and as personal trainers. Some students prefer to conduct experiments and studies for government and national organizations.

The best thing about earning a Physical Education Doctoral Degree is the coursework can be completed through an online school. Online distance learning is becoming more popular as students need to maintain an income while attending school. Degrees requiring an extreme level of participation like Physical Education were rarely offered online. Luckily, online universities have realized there is a demand for quality Physical Education teachers, and they are beginning to offer coursework within the field. Online schools provides the students a unique opportunity to take full control of their education. Professors act as facilitators in online education. The lessons are created in an authentic way, so students are able to apply previous knowledge to any subject.

An online PhD in Physical Education is just the beginning to a long career. The need for highly educated teachers is higher ever been before.