The Long and Winding Road to a PhD

For students aspiring toward careers as experts in their fields, earning a Ph.D. seems like the perfect option. Although lengthier than just earning an undergraduate degree, doctoral degree programs can open the door to high-level management and consulting careers, research opportunities, and tenured positions in postsecondary education. The reality, however, is that Ph.D. students are […]

The Ultimate Guide to Dissertations

Completing the dissertation will not be an easy journey, but winning that diploma makes all the hard work and long nights worth it.

What Does It Really Take to Make it in Academia?

While finding steady work within academia may be hard, it’s certainly not impossible. It’ll just require serious hard work, determination, and preparation to get there.

Teaching MOOCs: A Guide for Ph.D.s and TAs

Teaching MOOCs offers professors the opportunity to reach millions of people; use this guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of the format.