Online PhD in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the study and processes of converting raw materials into valuable resources. By using chemistry, physics and mathematics, chemical engineering focuses on the development, design and operation of processes involved with the extraction, conversion and recovery of materials. Various processes are used commonly in today’s society, with petroleum refining, fertilizer manufacturing, cement production and food processing being a few of the more well known ones. The chemical engineering course covers all of these topics, allowing students to specialize in certain areas of interests. As shown at Chemical Engineering, students studying this online PhD program are exposed to a variety of different topics and are then able to select those in which they are most interested and would like to specialize.

Should I get a chemical engineering PhD?

A chemical engineering PhD is perfect for people who enjoy practical work in a varied, multicultural environment. There are many opportunities for graduates with this degree to work in a range of different areas worldwide, allowing them to interact with many people and constantly be in a challenging, interesting work environment. This online PhD degree in chemical engineering is accredited worldwide, making it an attractive choice for anyone who is keen to travel or move overseas. Chemical engineers are highly sought after for private and government positions and the convenience of an online degree makes it easy for full-time employees, or mature-aged students with families, to study. An online PhD degree, allows students to continue their education without the hassle of travel or time constraints.

Requirements for a chemical engineering PhD:

Generally, online doctorate degrees in chemical engineering are preceded by a Master of Science degree, which is studied over a time period between one and three academic years (3 quarters per year). The actual online PhD program in chemical engineering takes between 4.5 and 5.5 years to study. The course is run through lectures and seminars, with assessment tasks given consistently throughout the course. Depending on which branch the student has chosen to specialize in, people studying this course are usually expected to participate in some sort of work experience in their last year of study.

Types of Chemical Engineering Careers

The online PhD degree in chemical engineering results in the qualification for a chemical engineer. This means that anyone possessing this degree can work in various areas designing and coordinating materials for manufacturing and construction. Graduates from this course are extremely versatile and have employment opportunities in nearly every area of society. Some more common work available to chemical engineers are in research laboratories, technology companies, health care, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, the oil industry, the chemical processing industry, renewable resources or private consultations. It has been said that chemical engineers can do anything with their careers, and this hypothesis seems to be supported by the wide range of fields that these people work in.

Chemical Engineering Jobs and Salaries

While graduates from the online doctorate in chemical engineering work in very diverse fields, the largest percentage of these people work in research laboratories with education institutes such as universities or other research facilities. The online PhD gives many the opportunity to earn a high salary.

Additional Reading:

Earning a chemical engineering degree is one of the most marketable skills a student can have. Online chemical engineering PhD programs now make it possible for students to earn their degree from one of many accredited online chemical engineering PhD schools and prepare for future career goals. Nearly all of the education needed to complete a PhD in Chemical Engineering can be performed at home with the aid of an online PhD college.

The process of earning an online PhD in chemical engineering is not easy, but it is among the most rewarding of all educational goals. Students will be expected to master courses such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, and other science related courses. Earning a PhD in chemical engineering is not for everybody and students should speak with academic advisers prior to enrolling in any online PhD program.

Upon completion of a chemical engineering doctoral degree, the student will be prepared to enter one of many different career fields related to chemistry. Federal and state governments require the assistance of chemical engineers for many different types of tasks. Private businesses and corporations also are in need of chemical engineers. Pharmaceutical companies require chemical engineers to aid in the development and production of new prescription drugs. Each of these career fields will allow the Doctor of Chemical Engineering to earn a great salary and provide all of the familial necessities.

Many chemical engineering graduates determine to enter the workforce as a professor or researcher at local universities. Jobs in education offer the opportunity to have a rewarding career and further the knowledge of mankind.