Online PhD in Civil Engineering

A civil engineering degree is a qualification that gives people the opportunity to play a very important role in today’s society and many societies to come. The job of a civil engineer is to design the very buildings and monuments that have become such a significant part of our lives. It involves the design, development and maintenance of structures such as roads, bridges, utility and sanitize systems that make the world we all know possible. It is the civil engineers that have created the structures that are so important to civilization today.

Should I get an online civil engineering PhD?

The online doctoral program in civil engineering is for people who want to have an impact on the construction of infrastructure. An interest in mathematics and physical science is strongly recommended as this is a major component not only of the course, but of the occupation as a whole. Skills in these areas are also helpful as geometry, trigonometry and calculus are commonly used on a daily basis once an engineer has entered the workforce. A passion for the design and construction of well known structures in today’s society will definitely be a bonus for anyone wishing to study this course. The composition of the online PhD program in civil engineering makes it easy for people who are employed or parents to achieve this degree. Sites such as provide resources that will help you to decide whether an online civil engineering degree is for you.

Requirements for a PhD in civil engineering

Admission into the online doctorate in civil engineering requires a previous Master of Science degree. This course, generally studied over a 2 year period, teaches aspiring civil engineers the required knowledge for the graduate course. The actual PhD degree takes four years of full time study. Once accepted into the PhD course, the student must select an area of study in which they wish to specialize. With most courses, the areas of specialty are construction engineering and management, environmental, structures, transportation and water and hydraulics. Many resources on topics such as course structure and prerequisites can be found at The University of New Mexico. Online PhDs are accredited and have the same standard of any course studied onsite at a university.

Types of civil engineering careers

There is not a set employment path for civil engineers. The variety of jobs available is extreme, ranging from surveyors to transportation. Usually a civil engineer will enter the field in a position with low responsibilities. They might be a senior engineer’s assistant or be working in the office, something that does not require them to make major decisions. As they prove their competence in the work, they move up the ranks, either staying with the same organization or transferring to one which will suit them better. Entry level engineers might perform tasks such as basic analysis and design, however senior civil engineers work as managers for complex projects, specialists in different areas or managers of other engineers. Some fields in which a civil engineer can choose to work are grading, sewage, drainage, pavement, water supply, land divisions or electric supplies.

Civil engineering jobs and salaries

The majority of civil engineers are employed by the government, however a large percentage are employed by private companies and firms.

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Students who gain a PhD in civil engineering through an online PhD program will be able to have the opportunity to design the monuments of our very civilization. After ancient societies discovered engineering's help in warfare, military engineers were asked to solve the problems of peace. Civil engineering is thus one of the two oldest forms of the discipline, and an online civil engineering PhD helps you to help the world.

Civil engineering PhD programs deals with the design, development and maintenance of the structures and technologies that make our communities possible. Bridges, levees, roads, utility and sanitation systems are among the works of civil engineers, and a civil engineering doctoral degree will give you the knowledge necessary to lead such efforts, and the experience you need to creatively advance society. The government is—naturally–the largest employer of civil engineers, though consulting, architectural, professional and corporate jobs are also possibilities.

An overview of the specific demands of structural, environmental and perhaps transportation engineering may be a part of your earliest days, but ultimately you will be expected to take on a specific project and offer an original contribution to the work of civil engineering. New mathematical systems and computer operations are also likely to be taught.

As a doctor of civil engineering, you can design dams that will last for a thousand years, consult with powerful officials on saving the planet and make life safer, cleaner and more comfortable for everybody. Such a profession is a privilege, and the work to get there is sure to be paid back in honor.