Online PhD in General Human Services

An online doctorate in general human services provides extensive academic work in a broad spectrum of disciplines, including social science, psychology, law and health care policy. An online PhD in general human services provides students with the background and experience to work in a public or private social service agency in many different capacities, including policy development and implementation, social service law and a variety of others that influence local issues. As many students specialize within the program and develop advanced skills and experience in that concentration, an online PhD provides a significant advantage in the competitive job market. In addition, an online doctoral program is undertaken during non-work hours, giving the student the opportunity to continue gaining work experience and advancement, a valuable advantage for future career opportunities .

Online PhD in General Human Services Requirements

An online doctoral program in general human service requires discipline, self-motivation and dedication. In addition, a candidate must possess the true desire to assist others and be of service in their communities.

An applicant for a top online doctorate program typically holds a Masters degree prior to entering the program. Masters degrees vary widely with this degree, and can include:

  • Master in Human Services Policy
  • Master in Psychology
  • MBA in Non-Profit Management
  • MBA in Organizational Leadership
  • Master in Criminal Justice

Online PhD in General Human Services Education

Online PhD programs in general human services take an average of 4 years to complete. During the course of the doctoral program, students research policy around human services issues, complete several internship programs and submit a lengthy dissertation. Internships can usually be completed in non-work hours.

Information on General Human Services Courses

Some common courses found in an accredited online general services PhD program are:

  • Advanced Research in Human Behavior
    This course investigates the principles that govern human behavior to develop theories and solve problems in society. Students hone skills used in research, including instrument design and data collection methods. In addition, candidates expand their skills in developing theories around collected data.
  • Health Care Strategic Planning and Administration
    Students will explore the current critical issues facing health care and determine resources to address them. In addition, strategic planning and current research methods are investigated.
  • Advanced Ethics
    This course examines ethical dilemmas across a range of human experiences, focusing on clinical and organizational ethics. Students analyze ethical decision-making through case studies and hypothesize on how these outcomes affect society.
  • Quantitative Research Methods in Human Services
    This research course equips students with the competence to work with quantitative research methods independently, develop appropriate theories and answer critical social welfare policy issues.
  • Theories of Counseling
    Through this course, students explore the major theories in the field of counseling. Students explore contemporary counseling practice, including Individual Psychology and Behavior Therapy, as well as the historical philosophies on which they are based.

Specializations and Concentrations

The best online PhD in general human services presents opportunities in a wide variety of fields, so many students opt to specialize in a particular niche of the discipline. Although the core classes will remain the same for all students, unique classes are offered that pertain to a particular concentration.

Specialized programs offered through an online PhD in general human services include:

  • Counseling
  • Public Safety
  • Health Care Administration
  • Social Services
  • Sociology of Mental Health
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Public Health Practices
  • Human Development
  • Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues
  • Human Services Administration

Careers in General Human Services

Students completing an accredited online PhD program in general human services can choose from an extensive variety of careers . Common occupations include:

  • Counselor
    Most often, a counselor is a family, marriage or individual therapist. In addition, counselors can act as lawyers and give people advice, give ethical or academic advice at a school, or act as a representative of state.
  • Health Educator
    Health educators are instrumental members of community health education programs. Health educators gain and analyze data regarding current issues facing community healthcare including substance abuse, HIV, STDs, pregnancy and diabetes. They use their knowledge to educate and update health professionals, and provide education opportunities for their communities.
  • Social Worker
    Social work is a diverse field. Most often, social workers help people navigate the welfare system, give advice and offer community resources. Some social workers assist departments that protect individuals, such as Child Protective Services. In addition, social workers are invaluable members of a community health program, assisting patients in finding help that meets their needs.
  • Correctional Officer
    A correctional officer supervises people in the criminal court system, either prisoners or those awaiting trial. They monitor prisoner behavior, maintain order and handle transportation issues. This job can pose potential dangers, and most correctional officers are authorized to carry weapons.
  • Public Policy Administrator
    Public policy administrators manage every aspect of public service at the federal, state and local arenas. This career focuses on governmental organization, finance and administration.
  • Organizational Director
    An organizational director provides direction and leadership to assist a company to fulfill its strategic goals. These professionals are typically responsible for all financial and human resource matters relating to the company, including development, human resources policy and board administration.

An online doctorate in general human service offers many different paths of study and a wide variety of career choices. While some careers available from a general human services course of study do not require a PhD, this degree gives the holder a strong advantage in a competitive job market.