Online PhD in Management in Homeland Security

Students looking to pursue an online PhD in Management in Homeland Security will learn and develop the skills necessary to work in leadership roles in the efforts and systems of United States security to protect against terrorism and disasters. Homeland Security is made up of many arms of government agencies fighting the war on terrorists. Agencies involved in homeland security include the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Civil Air Patrol, and the United States Secret Service, Coast Guard, and National Guard. An online doctorate Management in Homeland Security degree program generally takes students about 3-5 years to complete and is research intensive with courses in crisis management, constitutional law, public policy, and terrorism. Throughout the course of earning a Management in Homeland Security PhD online, students are responsible for learning about policy and laws, observing practices in the fight against terrorism, and documenting their research. The final portion of the online doctoral program in Management in Homeland Security will consist of creating a dissertation, which is a book style analysis and findings of procedures, practices, and experiences in the Homeland Security and crisis management area.

About Online PhD Programs in Management in Homeland Security

Online Management in Homeland Security PhD programs are for students that are service oriented, concerned about public safety, and strive to protect civil liberties. The graduate of an online PhD program in homeland security stands for the ethical and moral treatment of all people while upholding public policy and law. This concentration of Homeland Security management deals with learning about terrorist forms and levels, understanding the duties of public servants, crisis planning, emergency response and management, and knowing and understanding public and security policy as they relate to security and terrorism. In order to be able to identify and fully understand these concepts, students are likely required to take part in or turn in assignments and projects assigned in these areas. For example, students may be asked to write major research papers on theories and/or policies analysis or a lengthy review of a journal article, research article, or book that is related to policies or procedures in national security or crisis management. Many PhD professors also require their online students to take part in discussions or online chat forums in regard to issues, policies, and research conducted in the area.

Year One:

  • Foundations for Doctoral Study. In this course, students are taught what the PhD program entails, what students can expect, and allows students to develop a plan to assist them in their program.
  • Research Writing and Design. This course provides an overview of research models and theories to allow students to learn and effectively manage their research.
  • Leadership and Organizational Change. In this course, students will be allowed to examine theories and models of leadership and change and have an understanding of the qualities, characteristics, and skills it will take to become an effective leader.

Year Two:

  • Public Policy of Terrorism Legislature. This course provides students with knowledge of the U.S.A. Patriot Act and other laws on terrorist legislation, immigration, and the policies of law enforcement, government agencies, and organizations.
  • Research in Public Safety Issues, Theories, and Concepts. Students in this course will research the theories and learn about the issues, conflicts, solutions, and concepts of public safety and what it entails.
  • Public Policy. This course provides an overview of governance in public administration, public policy, and organizations in today's society. Students will become familiar with theories and policies in this area.

Year Three:

  • Crisis Management. In this course, students will learn the aspects of emergency preparedness and response to a variety of different types of events.
  • Innovations in Homeland Security. This course studies the emergence of Homeland Security in 2001 as well as goes into detail about the scope, growth, development, and future of homeland security.
  • Terrorism. This course allows students to examine terrorism at the local, national, and international levels and allows them to understand all the different types of terrorism and how to protect against them.

Year Four:

  • Crisis Planning and Operations Management. This course allows students to understand what a crisis entails and how to plan for it as well as the understanding of operations within the security sector.
  • Strategic Thinking for Homeland Security. This course allows students to learn how to coordinate with other security organizations and frame policies and agendas for creating inter organizational collaborations amongst other agencies and organizations.
  • Futuring and Planning in Homeland Security. This course allows students to research and understand current trends in nation security and evaluate the needs for security in order to plan and implement policies for future security.

Examinations will also be a part of online PhD Management in Homeland Security degrees and while the type of specific exams will vary between program and professor, many professors test their students with comprehensive exams. Comprehensive exams generally test students on learned material throughout the semester and/or year and can be administered various ways. For example, professors may choose to administer a question and answer test, an essay based on students evaluating a specific theory or piece of research, or a research paper on a specific practice or experience relating to Homeland Security and/or crisis management. The final hurdle in the online doctorate program in Management in Homeland Security is to create a dissertation about experiences and knowledge gained in the field. Dissertations are generally lengthy and include research about Homeland Security and public policy, findings about national security, leadership practices in security, and planning for a crisis.

Value and Criticisms of a PhD in Management in Homeland Security

Graduates of the top online doctoral degrees in Management in Homeland Security will have the best job opportunities, as they will have the advanced knowledge and skills it takes to head departments in security and crisis management. This particular degree is good for individuals who wish to pursue leadership and top level careers in government security agencies, Homeland Security, crisis management planning, or public safety. Earning the online PhD degree in Management in Homeland Security is beneficial because it allows students the opportunity to gain advanced skills in computer systems, technology, and research capabilities. As technology continues to advance and Homeland Security has need for updated technology to track terrorism, natural disasters, and crises, leaders of these organizations will need to have the skills to use computer systems and programs. For example, students studying online PhD in Management in Homeland Security programs will develop advanced research skills and be able to navigate through the Internet, will know how to use Web tools to gather information, and will have experience with different Web and software programs, all skills that they will likely need in their career. However, a downside to earning a Management in Homeland Security doctorate degree online is that the degree is extremely specialized at only offered at a few online universities.

Application & Admission Requirements

The specific admission requirements for entry into online Management in Homeland Security doctorate degree programs are likely to vary between learning institutions, but there are some general requirements for interested individuals to keep in mind. Like with most PhD programs, students must already have a bachelor's and master's degree from an accredited learning institution to be considered. These degrees should be in public administration, criminal justice, health services, public health, public policy, or a closely related discipline. Most schools will require that potential candidates have at least three years work experience, preferably in a field related to security, criminal justice, or public administration, and three reference letters, with other requirements being school-specific. For example, Capella University also requires that candidates have at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA from their master's degree transcripts. In addition, most programs require students to fill out an application and write a personal essay or goal essay and submit them to the appropriate department, usually an admissions department, and await approval into the program.

Career Options & Job Market

Graduates of online doctorate degrees in Management in Homeland Security can go on to pursue a number of careers relating to the field. Some of the career fields graduates can pursue include (but are not limited to): those that relate to federal government, Homeland Security, education, and state or local governments. Some of the specific careers that online PhD Management in Homeland Security graduates can pursue include (but are not limited to): law enforcement supervisor, Immigrations and Customs inspectors, emergency management director, terrorism consultant or analyst, or public safety director. Graduates of Management in Homeland Security PhD programs online should have good job opportunities as many of the jobs that they can pursue are in relatively high demand. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Government is the Nation's largest employer, with well over 2 million people, and has various sectors, departments, and organizations dedicated to public safety, crisis management, immigration, upholding laws and regulations, and promoting welfare.

Where to Find Information

  • Homeland Security is a department with a mission to secure the nation from the many threats we face on a daily basis. The site serves as a resource for individuals to find news, look for job opportunities, learn more about terrorism and crisis control, and learn more about what Homeland Security does.
  • FEMA is a department of Homeland Security which aims to help in the planning, managing, and relief efforts of a disaster, whether because of a natural disaster caused by weather, hazardous waste spills, or acts of terrorism.
  • The National Emergency Management Association is an organization dedicated to enhancing public safety by improving preparation, response, and recovery from emergencies which include disasters and threats to the nation's security and safety.
  • Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has articles that help to describe research and practice in the fields of Homeland Security as well as emergency management with content written by professionals in the emergency management, political science, engineering, and health services areas.

How to Get Funding

Like most undergraduate and graduate students that rely on student loans to ease the cost of tuition, PhD students are no different. Students pursuing a online Management in Homeland Security PhD have financial aid options available to them, as tuition can vary between schools. For example, the tuition rate at Walden University is $455 per credit hour for PhD students, while the tuition rate at Colorado Technical University is $635 per credit hour. Students who are interested in pursuing an online doctorate in Management in Homeland Security have the option of applying for federal loans for tuition assistance, but can also apply for scholarships or grant money, which is money that can be used for tuition and does not need to be paid back.

  • The Scholarship Info. This site serves a source for PhD students looking for scholarship and grant opportunities across a wide area of concentrations.
  • This site is a scholarship, grant, and financial aid site that aids PhD and postdoctoral students in finding money for school and postdoctoral studies.
  • College This site offers doctoral students grants for their work and research-based studies.

Essential Advice

  • Individuals that are still not sure whether this program is right for them, should seek the advice of current and past students of online doctoral programs in Management in Homeland Security to find about more about the program and whether or not it is the best fit for you.
  • Anyone interested in this program should familiarize themselves with the curriculum and do plenty of research on the courses that will be taken in the program, what it takes to earn a PhD, what the industry trends are, what job opportunities in the field look like, and what the salaries and job requirements are before committing to the program.
  • Because the PhD program is rigorous and will take students between 3 and 5 years to complete, it is important for students to be sure that other commitments will not interfere with studying and earning a PhD in this field. Students that just finished earning another degree and are in need of a break or those with families or other time heavy commitments may want to hold off on pursuing a PhD degree until there is sufficient time to dedicate to the program.
  • Once a students decides on a online PhD program in Management in Homeland Security and is admitted, it is important to seek the help and advice of knowledgeable mentors and/or advisors to ask for guidance along the way.