Online PhD Programs in Arts & Humanities

Arts and humanities are two important components of a liberal arts education. At a doctoral level, the elements of arts and humanities are closely examined through years of research, teaching and other scholarly activities. A PhD in arts and humanities expands on general knowledge, by exploring the creative disciplines that make up liberal arts. Students who are seeking a PhD in arts and humanities will study specific humanities topics, including visual and performing arts, music, religion, ancient and modern languages, literature and other cultural studies. Much of the arts and humanities doctoral coursework is focused on seeking clarification and reasoning behind cultural values, outlooks and personal philosophy. In addition, students will research, discuss and defend the relationship and influences between art, music and literature and today's culture. They will also take classes in humanistic studies, ethics, religion and philosophy to gain a greater understanding of cultural beliefs and human values.

The Types of Doctorates in Arts & Humanities

Arts and humanities doctoral programs typically require its students to choose one concentration within the areas of aesthetic studies, history of ideas and studies in literature. They can earn their PhDs by attending an accredited online or traditional college. There, students can choose from numerous arts and humanities programs, including classics, comparative literature, English, art history, philosophy and many other disciplines. Prior to being accepted into an art and humanities doctorate program, students must be proficient in an approved foreign language, pass doctoral qualifying examinations and typically have their master's degree in arts and humanities or a related subject. One of the most important aspects of obtaining your PhD is the dissertation. From the middle to last stages of a PhD program, students will be asked to submit a dissertation proposal, have it approved and conduct thorough research to complete and defend it to a committee of experts. In order to strengthen their own exploration and understanding of cultural studies, PhD students typically teach humanities and art courses to college students in conjunction with their doctoral classes. For prospective college professors, teaching gives them a chance to gain hands-on experience and enhance their own learning. Through classroom instructions, discussions and observations, PhDs will find new ways of exploring and analyzing human thought and culture, as well as furthering their research and dissertation. While their teachings focus more on technical skills and general education, PhDs explore the theoretical aspects of humanities in their doctoral classes.

Benefits of a Doctorate in Arts & Humanities

An arts and humanities PhD program exposes students to all areas of art and culture and requires them to look at these aspects in a different manner. Arts and humanities PhDs are considered experts within their field and specialty. After conducting years of in-depth research and exploration, PhDs can share their findings and knowledge with others through teaching, literature and presentations. Another unique aspect of arts and humanities is that students will have a more detailed understanding of people and cultures, and may be more sensitive towards people of different backgrounds. They may be more conscious of different races, religions and cultural beliefs because they've studied these topics so closely and understand their influences on humans and society.

Online PhD Programs in Arts & Humanities

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