Online PhD Programs in Business&MBA

Students looking to increase their earnings, switch careers or continue learning have turned to business and business administration PhD programs. A PhD in business is an advanced degree that expands on basic business theories and procedures through years of research and scholarly activities. A PhD in business administration is higher than a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and qualifies students to teach at the college level. While each degree has a different focus, they share the same purpose of studying business theories and practices to enhance production, education and professionalism within the business markets. Students will learn how to take their foundational knowledge of business practices and theories, and find new ways to solve business-related problems. Doctoral business coursework emphasizes management and employer-employee relationships, as it contributes to efficiency and maximizing profits. PhD students learn how to handle complex issues and on-the-job challenges that arise as a project manager, consultant or administrator. With their knowledge and trained skills, students will be able to enhance their business through professional management, consulting and problem-solving.

What Type of Business PhD to Pursue

When looking for a PhD in business, students can choose from various programs, including accounting, economics, marketing and management. There are also opportunities to specialize in subjects that reach multiple industries, like health policy management, science, technology and management and technology and operations management. Whichever business concentration you choose, you will conduct years of research and most likely teach within your related field. Teaching the basics of business theory and practices will give PhDs a chance to improve their own understanding of the industry and aid in their research. As a field expert, PhDs have the ability to teach students beyond the basics and give them a deeper understanding of the industry and how to maximize their efforts.

Benefits of a PhD in Business

A PhD in business has become a popular choice for students looking to teach and expand their knowledge of business practices and project management. According to a 2009 article in BusinessWeek, more business students are turning to academia to earn their PhD before entering the working world. A combination of unemployment and a growing respect and need for business professors, has caused many students to go back to school for their doctoral degree. In addition, students are furthering their education because they want to become more qualified and skilled within their field of interest. A PhD gives business students the ability to enhance their learning, while teaching others about the industry and its important practices. There are numerous career avenues for those with a PhD in business. From consultant, business owner to professor, PhDs can find their niche in many unique fields.

Online PhD Programs in Business and MBA

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