Online PhD Programs in Health&Medicine

Health and medicine is an area that many students will find appealing for a doctorate degree. With so many career avenues and services within health and medicine, it is no surprise why many students are interested in earning a PhD in health and medicine or related disciplines. For those who have a genuine interest in health education, research and administration, a health and medicine doctoral degree may be for you. Health and medicine PhD students will learn about different aspects of health education, policies and current health care issues affecting people nationally and internationally. PhDs in health and medicine programs will learn about health care management, counseling and other supervisory duties that help educate and train health care workers. Students may take classes in business and management to develop project management skills, and learn new ways to handle issues that may arise in this ever-changing industry.

What do you Learn with a Health&Medicine PhD?

Through years of training and doctoral research, health and medicine PhDs are equipped with the skills and knowledge to strategize and develop new ways to improve health care and ensure the best services to the public. In addition, some PhDs are concerned with health education and disease prevention. Students can choose from a variety of programs within health and medicine, including public health, nursing, counseling, health administration, human services and social work programs. Depending on the clinical requirements of your specialty, you may have to be licensed or board-certified to work in certain areas of medicine. For example, nursing educators must have a current registered nursing license, in addition to earning their PhD

Career Outlook with a Health and Medicine Doctorate

While the primary goal of health and medicine PhD programs is to create academic instructors and researchers for government agencies, students can bring their knowledge and skills to many other health care careers. For instance, they can be health care administrators, who oversee an entire care unit or facility, or a policy maker, who helps draft government health care policies. A PhD who wants to work in public health typically takes a role in a hospital, teaching, or government setting and uses their education to prevent the spread of disease. They are often involved in sanitation, food and drug regulation, vaccination, prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as develop initiatives for healthier lifestyles. Most PhDs in this field work in hospitals for compliance and regulation of risk of transmission of deadly diseases, while the rest work in government agencies, helping legislators draft health policies. A PhD in health and medicine allows students to give back to his or her community, whether it's in the form of teaching, policy making or supervising.

Online PhD Programs in Health and Medicine

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