Online PhD Programs in Science & Math

Math PhD programs prepare students to teach mathematics and conduct research or services for businesses and agencies. During a mathematics PhD program, students can expect to learn math theories, applied analysis and differential equations. In addition, students develop a broad basic knowledge of math that can be enhanced through teaching. They become more familiar with math and learn how to enjoy it in a different manner. Also, PhDs learn how to communicate mathematically and make sense of complex problems and equations. By setting this foundation of enjoyment, PhDs will be able to better teach and emphasize important math principles to their students and colleagues. Another goal of the mathematics doctorate program is to help students formulate and identify research problems and find solutions through computation and communication. Mathematics PhDs can choose from various subjects within the field, such as applied mathematics, engineering and industrial applied mathematics, computational science and more. Having a specialty allows students to focus on a particular area of research and explore an area they are genuinely interested in teaching or contributing to.

The Process of Earning a Science & Math PhD

Science PhD programs prepare students to conduct advanced research within a particular field of health care, medicine or applied sciences. Depending on their specific area of concentration, science PhDs will take fewer traditional classes in order to focus on research toward their doctoral thesis. The first year of study is spent in graduate level coursework to prepare the student for the research they will soon be conducting. Also in the first year, students typically rotate in several different labs under several different mentors and choose which mentor or principal investigator they wish to work with for their thesis. Once a mentor is chosen, students begin research towards production of their doctoral thesis, a manuscript that can be hundreds of pages long. The student works closely with his or her mentor to ensure that the research is focused and relevant, but there is no definite time table as to how long this research could take. Once the thesis is produced, the student must defend his thesis in front of a committee of faculty members and experts as a final test of the student's knowledge and skill. Science PhDs function as principal investigators or managers in academic research. They are responsible for obtaining grant funding and publishing research insights, as well as overseeing lab work. A PhD can also be used in industrial research in a variety of scientific fields like pharmaceuticals or engineering research. The PhD signifies that a particular individual is an expert in a given field, and this expertise is valuable in any area of industry or academia. All PhDs must be skilled writers. The adage “publish or perish” is true of science PhDs as well as other fields, and PhDs must be comfortable writing manuscripts to be published in peer reviewed journals.

Benefits of Receiving Your Science or Math Doctorate

A PhD is an incredibly versatile and valuable degree. Many people believe that a PhD is the most difficult degree to obtain in academia and a great honor for those who hold the title. Because of this reverence, PhDs typically enjoy excellent compensation and a variety of different opportunities for employment. Many PhDs choose to teach at the university level, and a faculty position offers unrivaled stability, benefits, enjoyment, and work life balance. PhDs may also choose to run their own laboratory or research facility to expand on their thesis work. These positions are often funded by universities or government entities and the work can be extremely rewarding. Still others decide to use their skills in an industry where PhDs are typically among the highest paid and most respected professionals. It seems clear that a PhD is a rewarding, prestigious, and valuable degree for a variety of different applications.

Online PhD Programs in Science and Math

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