Online PhD Programs in Social Science&Psychology

Social science and psychology doctoral programs are advanced research degrees that practice different sciences, but both focus on humans and their roles in society. Social science PhD programs study elements outside of the natural sciences, and instead explore the sub-specialties of criminal justice, anthropology, geography, political science and other subjects. Students in social science doctorate programs will take classes in human behaviors and sciences, as well as ethics, philosophy and psychology. Social science PhDs learn how to think critically about other humans and their surroundings. On the other hand, psychology doctorates have a more clinical understanding of the human mind and behaviors. A psychology PhD program expands on the basic understanding of human psyche and focuses greatly on critical analysis and interpretation of mental conditions. They will study psychological theories of cognition, emotion, attention and relationships and how they influence each other. A major aspect of psychology doctorate programs is patient counseling preparation. Since psychologists who hold a Ph.D. are eligible to have their own private practice, students are trained in counseling patients and helping them solve their conditions. They learn about communication techniques and professional practices that will help their future patients share their feelings and thoughts.

Different Types of Science&Psychology PhD Programs

Social science and psychology doctoral programs can be varied in their teachings and requirements, so it is important to choose one that meets your needs. For social science, students can choose from numerous programs, such as anthropology, linguistics, political science and social work. Students in psychology doctorate programs can choose from a range of concentrations, such as environmental psychology, developmental psychology, cognition, brain and behavior and clinical psychology. Depending on the specific program or specialty, additional training or schooling may be required to teach or practice within the field. Having a specialty allows students to narrow their focus of learning and research. PhDs will conduct years of independent research on a topic that they are passionate about and want to explore fully, which forms their dissertation. With the help of an advisor, both social science and psychology students will submit a dissertation topic and need the approval of school officials and field experts to conduct further research. Once the dissertation is complete, students will present their topic and defend it in front of a committee of experts.

Career Prospects with a Science or Psychology Doctorate

Getting a PhD in social science or psychology will expand students' options immensely. Both are qualified to teach college-level classes within their field of study, as well as conduct advanced research. In addition, a PhD denotes students as experts within their field, giving them the authority to write literature, make presentations and educate others about their findings and beliefs. A doctorate in social science can prepare graduates to hold a political office, be a policy maker or bring justice as a correctional officer. Psychology graduates can start their own private practice with their knowledge and expertise. The career options are endless for these two doctorates, making both a worthwhile investment.

Online PhD Programs in Social Science and Psychology

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