100 Articles About Online PHD Programs and Resources to Assist Your Studies

College is hard work and every student, whether studying accounting or information technology, would be thankful to have help through the rough parts. These resources provide you information of what to expect, insights from PhD students and their lives in school and a little college fun. On a more productive note there is how to manage your time along with study tips and online tools to help in your studies. Some of the latest technology news is here for those with a more technical taste. Last but not least, you will also find useful information on how to stay healthy and eat right when away at school.

PhD Students

All of these blogs are written by students who are working towards achieving their PhD. They chronicle the balancing act that this type of endeavor frequently requires and will allow you to connect with others who are experiencing many of the same things you are.

  1. Mama PhD
    This blog has many different contributors. The common thread that motivated them to blog here is that they are all mothers who are attempting to manage both academics and parenthood.
  2. My PhD Blog
    The author of this blog, Malene Larsen, chronicles her work on her doctorate. Her research focused on the way social networking sites have been integrated into all aspects of life for young people.
  3. PhD Blog
    This blog is written by a PhD student attending the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. The focus of his degree Is how social media affects student achievement in Higher Education.
  4. Chaos and Noise
    This is the blog of a PhD student who is researching how small business owners in Australia are utilizing social media platforms to promote their businesses.
  5. Just Enough to Be Dangerous
    The author of the blog, Michael C. Harris, is an Australian PhD student who is specializing in the art of retrieving information. He blogs frequently about his research.
  6. Researchers: Engaging with Social Media
    This post discusses the importance of doctoral candidates engaging with peers and possible research partners through a variety of social media environments.
  7. Mudphudder
    This blog was started by a MD/PhD student who wanted to chronicle his experiences in school. He maintains the blog to help other students succeed in their programs of study.

Before College

If you haven’t entered your program yet, there are several things you need to do in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Use these resources to pick the right college and to get ready for school.

  1. Should You Consider a Gap Year
    Gap years are typically relegated to high school seniors who want to take a year off before beginning college. However, you may want to consider taking a gap year before beginning your doctoral studies.
  2. The First Step in College Selection
    When choosing a college for your undergraduate or graduate studies it is important to first understand your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.
  3. Get Schooled
    This blog supports a movement to help increase the number of students who are completing their educational goals whether they be in high school, college, or graduate schools.
  4. Going Back to School
    If you’ve taken a semester, or year, off from school it can be very difficult to get ready for returning to the life of a student. This post offers a bit of motivation.
  5. 15 Resources for Researching Colleges
    Before you choose a college for your undergraduate or graduate studies it is important that you have as much information about them as possible. This post shows you were to look to learn more about your dream college.

College Fun

Just because you are in the elite world of academia doesn’t mean you don’t need to have fun on occasion. These blogs have a way of making you laugh at your own situation.

  1. PhD Comics
    This blog provides regularly updated comics on the process of obtaining a PhD. Visitors can browse past comics, email comics to friends, and print comics for offline use.
  2. The Benefits of Earning a PhD
    This is a humorous look at why you may want to earn a doctorate from a man whose wife just completed her degree.
  3. Graduate School Barbie
    Just what would a Barbie look like if she was going to graduate school? Would she still be perfectly dressed and have time to apply her makeup flawlessly?
  4. PhD Humor
    The author of this blog has a number of funny posts about grad students, dissertations, post-docs, and professors.
  5. Grad Student Humor
    This blog is filled with graduate student jokes. You will find out why God couldn’t receive a PhD as well as the top 10 lies graduate students tell.

Time Management

It does not matter where you are in life or what you are doing, managing your time efficiently can be the difference in confusion and structure or success and failure. These will provide guidance and tips on managing your time to succeed.

  1. Scheduling Classes
    While many people focus on what they will be doing while not in class, it is still important to choose the classes you will be attending. Use these pointers to help you make the best choices.
  2. 168 Hours
    There are 168 hours in each week. This blog explores how to get the most out of the time you have each week. Topics include productivity strategies, free time, and creativity.
  3. How to Create Time When There’s No Time
    If you have ever felt as if there was simply not enough  hours in the day to complete all the things on your to-do list, read this post. These strategies will help you calm down and focus on achieving your goals.
  4. 5 Time Management Tricks
    The author of this blog has some unorthodox feelings about time management. Her rules will have you dropping those things which are hindering your productivity.
  5. Goal Setting Strategies
    One of the best ways to successfully manage your time is to set goals for yourself that have finite time tables and which will give you the gratification of completion.
  6. Time Management Tools and Strategies
    This post has compiled and excellent set of resources for those interested in learning more about effectively managing their time.
  7. 9 Time Management Strategies
    These time management strategies were written with working mothers in mind, but will also work for moms, or other college students, who are working on their thesis.

After College

Now that you have your Degree, what are you going to do with it? Leaving a structured institution can be scary and confusing. Here you will find information to help answer questions you may have about what life will be like after college.

  1. What to Do With a PhD?
    Many students feel lost when they finish school. This is the first in a two part blog series that discusses what students should do once they finally receive their degree.
  2. Graduated and Clueless
    Often when students complete their degree program, they find themselves wondering what to do next. Look here to find ideas on how to transition from academia to a career.
  3. Telling Tales About the PhD
    This post looks at the difficulties in describing what you are doing during the process of researching your thesis as well as how and when to discuss your degree after graduation.
  4. Post Graduate Toolbox
    This blog provides information to support and assist postgraduate students with their educational endeavors and with their lives outside the world of academia.
  5. 6 Items All Guys Should Retire After College
    If you have been attending college straight through without taking a break and are now working on your doctorate, you may have collected many of these items.
  6. All the Right Moves – The Right Body Language on a Job Interview
    Your resume can be exemplary and you can still fail at landing that perfect dream job. The focus here is on the right kind of body language to get the job you want.
  7. Discover your Best Career for Your Personality
    What is your best career personality? What should you do for a living? This article helps you answer that question and move in the right direction for you.
  8. Alumwire
    “Alumwire is an end to end video interviewing platform.” There unique end to end technology optimizes the recruitment process and manages candidates in corporate recruiting.
  9. CoolWorks.com – Seasonal Jobs in Great Places®
    Cool Works® is about you finding a seasonal job or career in some of the greatest places on Earth. Get a summer job in Yellowstone, Yosemite, or another national park. Find a summer job as a camp counselor. Ski resorts, ranches, theme parks, tour companies and more are waiting for you. Let Cool Works.com® show you the way to live out your own amazing adventure!

Libraries and Books

Hopefully if you are pursuing our PhD you love to read. Even if you don’t, you will definitely be required to for a few more years. These blogs discuss books, libraries, and library techniques.

  1. Awful Library Books
    As anyone researching a PhD thesis can tell you, it is frustrating to find irrelevant or out of date materials in the library. This blog chronicles some of the more humorous out of date selections found in libraries across the country.
  2. Most Beautiful College Libraries
    As you work on our PhD program you will be spending a great deal of time in a library. Perhaps you should consider a school with one that is beautiful as well as functional.
  3. 10 Books Every Graduate Student Should Read
    Yes, you have to read everyday all day for your studies and research. However, there are a few other books you may want to make time for as well.
  4. 50 Largest College Libraries
    If you are more interested in the book holdings than the book’s surroundings, this list is for you. Find out which college has the most information stored on shelves.
  5. The Shifted Librarian
    The author of this blog, Jenny, explores the need to shift information and provides a steady stream of information from a variety of sources.

College Life

When you hear the phrase college life there are a variety of things that come to mind. Should you have a roommate or live alone? How about a sorority or a fraternity; is it right for you? How different will the demands of college homework be from high school’s?  The blogs below offer some insight to these questions and you’ll find information on popular topics for a college student.

  1. How to Live With Your Roommate
    No matter what college you go to, if you are in a dorm you will have to learn to get along with a roommate, or floor mate. These tips can help make it easier.
  2. How to Avoid Choking on Test Day
    Students at all levels in their education career can find test taking to be a traumatic experience. This post discusses methods that will make taking tests less painful.
  3. To Greek or Not to Greek
    This post examines the pros and cons of becoming part of a sorority or fraternity once you enter the college of your choice, from the perspective of a parent.
  4. How to Study for Finals
    People have all sorts of study habits and rituals they develop over the course of a college career. The tips in this post give positive advice on how to effectively study.
  5. Her Campus
    This blog is written by a variety of bloggers who all focus on college life as it applies to women. Topics include health, dorm life, career, and fun.
  6. College Thrive
    This blog is written by a number of contributors and provides an extensive list of resources and posts dedicated to helping college students thrive in all aspects of their academic career.
  7. Study Hacks
    The author of this blog, Cal Newport, began writing in 2007 when he was a PhD student. He has continued to write advice for college students and covers a wide variety of topics.
  8. Build Experience During College
    This post discusses the importance of gaining real world experience while still in college. The author suggests finding volunteer opportunities that utilize your skill set.
  9. Study Tips
    The blog post provides a few tips to help you study more effectively. The list is short and to the point and offers ideas you probably haven’t considered.
  10. College Mentoring
    As a college student working on your dissertation, you may feel entirely overwhelmed. By finding a mentor who has been through the process you are now facing, you can find support and a person to offer advice.
  11. Sarah Stewart
    The author of this blog is an educator, researcher, and education facilitator. The focus of her blog is on eLearning, education in general, mentoring, and social media.
  12. Why Academics Should Blog
    The author of this blog, Henry Jenkins, takes an in depth look at all the reasons those in the field of academia should make the effort to blog about their endeavors.


Staying healthy while living in a college environment can be difficult for first year students who are unused to the challenges of living alone. Staying healthy while working on a dissertation brings a whole other set of difficulties. These posts will help you stay healthy while you work towards your PhD.

  1. 6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Studying
    Students often engage in marathon studying, or research, sessions where they completely ignore their own health needs. This post gives advice on how to stay healthy without sacrificing your work.
  2. Stress Relief Techniques for College Students
    Stress is one of the most frequently cited problems in both undergraduate and graduate students. Learn how to make earning your PhD less stressful.
  3. Inside the Mind of an Insomniac
    Everyone experiences a day or two from time to time where they have trouble falling or staying asleep. The author explores true insomnia and how she copes.
  4. 10 Gadgets to Help You Sleep
    If you are having trouble sleeping there are several products that can help, without having to resort to medication. Have fun, learn more about sleep, and sleep more comfortably with these gadgets.
  5. Navigating the Stress of College Life
    If you are finding the requirements for earning your PhD to be stressful, you are not alone. One of the biggest complaints of college students is stress. This post provides suggestions for how to cope.
  6. Top 5 College Health Risks
    Learn about the most common health risks associated with college students and how you can avoid these traps. You may be surprised by what you need to watch out for.


If you are like most PhD students you barely have enough time to work on your dissertation. You also are likely low on funds and yet still find yourself needing to eat. These blogs provide fast, nutritious, and frequently cheap meal ideas.

  1. For the Love of Cooking
    This blog is maintained by a stay at home mom who has learned to incorporate fresh and organic ingredients to create low fat and tasty recipes.
  2. Wasabi Bratwurst
    This blog features a collection of easy and simple recipes that are perfect for someone who likes good food but doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare it.
  3. Cheap Cooking
    This blog highlights recipes that will taste like they cost a fortune but are actually quite affordable, a perfect combination for a struggling PhD student!
  4. Fancy Fast Food
    This blog is a collection of posts that highlight the amazing transition of fast food into fancy food. You won’t believe how amazing something from a pizza place can look.
  5. Evil Shenanigans
    While it may be true that desert isn’t one of the major food groups, it should be. At least that is what you will think after you read all of the desert recipes featured on this blog.
  6. Food and Spice
    What about recipes for all of those vegetarian PhD candidates? Lisa, the author of this blog, has you covered. She has a wide variety of vegetarian recipes to choose from.


These blogs are all written specifically about writing a dissertation or thesis. Use them to help you with your process or just browse and enjoy reading about someone else who knows what you are going through.

  1. The Dissertation Doctor
    This site offers a variety of helpful tools for those working on their dissertations. The Dissertation News area specifically has numerous posts examining the intricacies of the dissertation process.
  2. Thinking About the Thesis
    This post examines the process of creating and researching a senior thesis and then looks at whether or not the endeavor is worth the time and stress in real world payoff.
  3. To Do: Dissertation
    This blog is written by a dissertation candidate who wanted to provide resources and encouragement to help other students complete their dissertation. All fields of study are welcome.
  4. Dissertation Help
    This series of posts was written by Alana James. It provides insight and advice regarding the preparation, research and writing of a doctoral thesis.
  5. The Thesis Whisperer
    This blog has a newspaper type format that provides information for PhD students. They share information about working on a thesis and encourage supportive conversation.
  6. Is My Thesis Hot or Not?
    This site provides mini blogs comprised of the various thesis statements of the blog community. Other users then get to vote on whether or not the thesis statement is interesting.
  7. Dissertation Research
    This blog is written specifically for students working on their dissertations. They have a variety of research links and frequently write about search engines, writing, peer review, databases, and statistics.


Technology is becoming more common, and increasingly more important, in college. These blogs discuss open source programs, social media, and technological gadgets that may be useful as you work on your degree.

  1. Campus Byte
    The author of this blog, Jay Willingham, focuses on the use of technology in facilitating study habits. Tools, techniques, and tips are all featured frequently.
  2. Hack College
    This blog is written by a group of contributing authors who discuss open source software and attempting to change the way students and educators view the role of technology in the college classroom.
  3. Do Colleges Look at Facebook
    Most college students have a Facebook page and many have been using social networking sites for many years. How could their personal information on these sites effect their admission to college?
  4. College Admission Video Essays
    Many colleges request, or require, a video essay in the admissions package. This post looks at the trend and how it is impacting the futures of potential college students.
  5. 10 Digital Tools for School
    This list provides ten online tools that are useful for college students at any level. The author also discusses why each item on the list has been recommended.
  6. 22 Reasons to Start a Blog as a Student
    You may think you have enough on your plate writing your dissertation, however, there are some compelling reasons you should add a blog to your list of things to do.
  7. Open Source Doesn’t Mean Subpar
    This post discusses several open source web applications that are especially useful for educational purposes. There is some skepticism in the corporate world about open source, find out why that skepticism is unfounded.
  8. How to Use Social Networking to Get Hired
    Most people who are in college today are quite familiar with the various social networking sites available. This post discusses how to utilize those sites to land the job of your dreams.
  9. Using Technology Instead of Doing it Manually
    Many people have traditionally felt that if you are using technology to assist in your research or work, then you aren’t really doing anything productive. Learn more about the effectiveness of automation.

Online Tools

There are many online tools that are beginning to replace their real world counterparts. Everything from calendars and meeting spaces to images and organizational tools are now available online.

  1. Cozi Calendar Blog
    The Cozi calender blog explains new features on the online Cozi is a free online calendar that can be used by multiple people and accessed by mobile devices.
  2. Grammar Girl
    The Grammar Girl blog is written by Mignon Fogarty, a grammar expert. She tackles common grammar problems and answers questions from readers.
  3. Finding Free Images Online
    The author of this blog addresses the tips to bloggers, however, the post offers a number of sites where you can find free images to use in your papers and power point presentations.
  4. 10 Free Resources Every Writer Needs
    You can use these resources to help prepare your thesis and in any future writing endeavors. These are resources frequently used by professional writers.
  5. Spellchecker
    This site has a free web based spellchecker for when you are using a public computer without your usual software. They also maintain a blog and have other useful web based tools
  6. Easybib
    This easy to use online application allows you to input the website address or information for a number of source styles and automatically generates a bibliography entry in your choice of citation styles.
  7. 5 Free Plagiarism Checkers Online
    Many students have difficulty turning the words they have read while doing research into their own analysis. Make sure you are not plagiarizing someone else’s work with these tools.
  8. 8 Ways to Organize Your Life With Google Docs
    Google is rapidly becoming the place to go if you want to become more informed, organized, or efficient. This post tells you how to make the most of this Google feature.
  9. First Round of Midterms
    This teacher talks about how midterms affect students and teachers, her specifically. The perspective of school life and its demands from a teacher.
  10. Tips For Newbie Writers On What To Write
    Stuck on what topic you should write about? Chamber Currie gives good step by step tips on where to begin.
  11. Five Ways to Write Magnificent Copy
    Are you a writer? These five tips give you some traditional ways of writing and some not so conventional. You are told to write drunk and then to edit when you are sober.
  12. Ten Tips to Torture-Free Legal Writing for Paralegals
    Every paralegal must know how to compose well written and effective material. These steps focus on helping you write torture-free.
  13. 5 Tips for Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay
    These 5 tips sum up how to write the perfect essay. It covers what the admission board will be looking for when reading a paper.
  14. 8 Wonderful Tips To Follow When Writing Your College Essay
    Not interesting in your essay topic? No matter how dull the topic, these 8 tips will help you write a grade A paper.
  15. How to Write a College Term Paper Overnight
    For those who procrastinate and leave working on school assignments until the last possible moment. Learn the key to writing a great term paper when time is not on your side.

Personal Interest

A range of interesting topics are found in these blogs. Advice for the perfect and fashionable interview outfit, a music marathon, the iPad, and Harvard’s financial aid news along with other financial industry news are all  are all found below.

  1. Blogging Makes Perfect
    The focus of the information offered here is how important writing skills and communication skills are in school and society.
  2. A College Student @ CMJ (a College Music Jounal journal)
    Andrew Sacher takes you through his days of the CMJ Music Marathon&Film Festival. Follow his journey from day one through day five.
  3. What to Wear to a College Interview
    Rachel takes you through the dos and don’ts of proper attire for an interview. She covers how to make the girly girl, the artist or the classic sophisticate your own.
  4. VisualCV on the iPad Rocks!
    Phillip Merrick is a big fan of the iPad and shares his experiences with his iPad and his opinion along with some observations of the product .
  5. Harvard Admits 6.9%
    “A record-low 6.9% of applicants were accepted to the Harvard College Class of 2014.” More than 60% of students entering Harvard are eligible for up to $40,000 financial aid on average.
  6. So Far, So Good – College/University, Education, Loans, News, United States (U.S.)
    Many thought the student loans industry would be in complete chaos. The direct loan program maintained by the government was supposed to be in a freefall.
  7. HBCUs Are Failing in Financial Aid Accountability
    Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), troubles of theft among other corrupt practices and scandals are discussed here. The repercussions from accrediting institutions and government agencies are strong.

College life is definitely a very serious time and molds a person for their future. It offers opportunities a person would not have if they did not have a college degree. Even though a Masters Degree is viewed as a very impressive accomplishment, having a PhD in addition is a prestigious accomplishment and will prove to serve a graduate better and take them further in their career life.