The Long and Winding Road to a PhD

For students aspiring toward careers as experts in their fields, earning a Ph.D. seems like the perfect option. Although lengthier than just earning an undergraduate degree, doctoral degree programs can open the door to high-level management and consulting careers, research opportunities, and tenured positions in postsecondary education. The reality, however, is that Ph.D. students are subject to high tuition rates, difficult workloads, and low-paying teaching assistantship positions. In addition, for every 100,000 doctorates granted, there are only 16,000 jobs created, causing many recent graduates to have trouble establishing careers.

Despite these shortcomings, earning a Ph.D. can still be worth it for many students. Before deciding to enroll in a Ph.D. program, consider the following infographic, and weigh the risks with the benefits.


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