Online PhD in Workforce Development Education

With rapidly evolving technology and increasing globalization, the demands faced by organizations and employees alike are constantly shifting. In order to keep up with the changing global environment and technological advances, organizational leaders need to keep the workforce educated and ready to meet new demands. Online doctoral programs in workforce development education prepare graduates to help organizational management teams develop and implement a variety of productivity enhancing training programs designed to tackle emerging expectations. Students enrolled in online PhD workforce development education programs will learn to develop policies that enhance workforce knowledge and training methods that teach new skills. Online doctorate programs in workforce development education take four to five years to complete, during which students will take coursework in creating and evaluating training methods and statistics on human performance. After the required coursework has been completed, most programs require students to take a comprehensive examination over everything their courses have covered, followed by the completion of a dissertation, which is a final research project. Once students finish their dissertations, they graduate from their programs equipped to positively impact workforce training and development.

About Online PhD Programs in Workforce Development Education

In order to promote a deep understanding of the function and nature of the global workforce, online PhD programs in workforce development education have comprehensive curriculums that cover educational research, the impact of technology, human performance, statistical evaluations, and the implementation and evaluation of training methodology. Some online workforce development education doctorate programs, as with Northcentral University, allow the entire curriculum to be completed online. Other online PhD programs in workforce development education, such as Walden University, have a residency requirement during which students must visit the school’s physical campus for a short period of time. Whether completed entirely online or not, online doctoral degrees in workforce development education require coursework that facilitates an understanding of organizational development and the development of efficient educational strategies. Examples of Northcentral University’s coursework in global training and development are outlined below.

Year One:

  • Educational Research Methodology. This course sets the foundation for future research and dissertation work. It provides an overview of the research process and the key components to a successful research project.
  • Human Performance: Paradigms and Possibilities. As an examination of training methods, this course examines ways in which employees can be recruited and retained, and the factors that hinder retention.
  • Statistics in Educational Research. This course guides students in the use of statistical software to gather data, statistical analysis, and the role of the hypothesis in the process of educational research.

Year Two:

  • Strategic Links for Successful Global Training. As an overview of the best practices within the field of global training and development, this course studies the links connecting organizational structures, their leaders, and the workforce.
  • The Role of Technology in the Global Training Marketplace. As technology is constantly changing and evolving, it is imperative for organizations and corporations to keep up with the times, in order to maintain an informed and efficient workforce. This course studies the implementation of technology into training practice.
  • Advanced Educational Statistics . This course goes applies statistical data collection to the field of quantitative research, and prepares students to perform thorough statistical research and analysis.

Year Three:

  • Best Practices for Training and Presenting to International Audiences. The global workforce contains a multitude of cultures. This course studies the best culturally sensitive approaches to training an international audience.
  • Quantitative Methods . A thorough examination of the quantitative research process, this course delves even deeper into data collection and methods of analysis.
  • Evaluating Training Programs. The training programs employed by organizations in today’s global society need to be both affordable and efficient. This course will study the various training programs employed by different corporations and organizations and facilitate an understanding of why some training methods work while others do not.

Year Four:

  • Research Topic, Problem, Purpose and Questions . A deeper examination of the components of a successful research project, this course further prepares students to tackle their dissertations.
  • Trainer as Consultant in the Global Marketplace . Consultants are used by organizations to help improve their organizations. In this course, students learn the skills necessary to successfully coach organizational leaders into implementing successful changes to their workforce structure.
  • Research Design. A very careful examination of the formal process of research, this course builds upon the skills learned in Quantitative Methods and other research courses in order to coach students into developing a thorough dissertation.

Some online doctorate degrees in workforce development education require the passing of a comprehensive examination after coursework is completed. These exams cover everything that a student has learned, from the evaluation of human performance to statistical analysis. Other online doctoral programs in workforce development education do not require the comprehensive examinations. All accredited online doctorate degrees in workforce development education require the completion of a dissertation, and most programs have courses that prepare students for this thorough research project. Past dissertations within the field of workforce development and education include Can higher education meet the needs of an increasingly diverse society and global marketplace? Campus diversity and cross-cultural workforce competencies by Uma Madhure Jayakumar and Work motivation and a global workforce: Exploring equity sensitivity in relation to cultural factors in an international organization by Kenneth Joseph McGee.

Value and Criticisms of a PhD in Workforce Development Education Online workforce development education PhD programs are recommended for individuals that harbor an interest in organizational dynamics and the globalization of the workforce. Students interested in pursuing an online doctorate in workforce development education will need a strong knowledge of both statistical and research processes. Individuals that do not have an interest in thorough research and the development of training methods should not apply to receive their workforce development PhD online. For those students that do pursue their online PhD in workforce development, all coursework can be completed online, with the exception of the residency periods that some programs require. Research for these programs does not require the use of laboratories. Students can therefore easily complete their dissertations from their hometowns with the use of online resources and libraries. As technology plays an important role in the development and utilization of training methods, the pursuit of workforce development education doctorate degrees online, as opposed to on a physical campus, is a very useful alternative. Online workforce development education PhD students will receive good exposure to some of the mediums they will use in their future careers, as web-based training and evaluation is becoming more prolific within the global workforce.

Application&Admission Requirements

An online doctorate in workforce development education requires an intense understanding of human resources management and the organizational dynamics of the modern workplace. Individuals in the field of workforce development education are required to study organizational data in order to develop assessments and solutions, which help companies to become more productive and thus more successful. For this reason, prerequisites to enrolling in workforce development education PhD programs online include a completed Masters degree in a related field, such as human resources or organizational management. Students pursuing an online PhD in workforce development are also required to provide transcripts. Some programs expect students to have maintained a specific GPA – usually 3.0 or above – during their Masters programs and some programs request recommendation letters. Top schools will examine prospective students’ resumes or curricula vitae. While work experience in management or human resources is not necessary, it could be helpful toward standing out among fellow applicants.

Career Options&Job Market

There are many career options for graduates with their online doctorate in workforce development education. One such option is that of a human resource manager. Human resource managers must have a strong knowledge of recruiting, training and retaining methods in order to cultivate an efficient workforce. Students with online PhD degrees in workforce development education will have an excellent foundation for human resources and other training and development management positions. These are fields that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are growing much faster than average. Another option for graduates that have received their workforce development education doctorate degrees online is a career in public relations. For most organizations to thrive, they need the support of the surrounding community. Public relations managers foster positive relationships between organizations and members of the community, many of whom make up their customer base. Online PhD graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a successful career as public relations managers, a position that averages an annual salary of $104,390.

Where to Find Information

How to Get Funding

The costs of online PhD workforce development education programs can accumulate quickly, especially for schools that have residency requirements as part of their curricula. The University of Phoenix charges $770 per credit hour for their Educational Leadership program. Due to the amount of money an individual must spend to achieve a top education, applying for financial aid is an important step in the PhD application process. There are a number of opportunities for grants and scholarships, some of which are listed below.

Essential Advice

  • University Admissions Departments are there to answer any questions you may have about workforce development education programs and admission requirements.
  • If you are not sure about your areas of interest within the field of workforce development education, contact professors to get an idea of their interests and current research topics. This should help you discover what best appeals to you.
  • Professional organizations are a great way to break into the field. They provide both resources and professional development opportunities. Some even offer grants and scholarships to members that meet certain criteria.
  • Gaining experience in training or adult education is a great way to make your resume stand out from the pool of applicants.